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Our website is designed to give the maximum flexibility with choice to all, the customer [patient], the vendor /  diagnostic service provider  [Diagnostic centre / hospital / laboratory] , and the affiliate [doctors/consultants] in booking diagnostic tests ad promoting their services online.

Step 1] Once a patients visits the home page of the storefront / website, he has the choice to remain a guest or sign in as a registered customer by furnishing his/her demographic details. there are many advantages of being a registered customer as in any shopping cart. so once a customer [guest / registered] logs in he is supposed to decide the location where he wishes to get his/her tests done [home / centre ] visit.. for a registered customer his home location is the default location for home visiting service or can change the same in the profile details. For a guest the location can be chosed by using the marker on the google map on the store front. Then he selects the radius in kilometres from that location to search for the service providers within that radius. then press the submit button to define the area. 

Step 2 ] Now once the area is defined the tests of choice may be searched in the test search feild. The tests of choice may be selelcted and added to the cart or to the comparison chart. Click on the test to know more details about the test. once all the test have been selected then proceed to view the cart or the comparispn chart. Here you will be able to see the table displaying the name of the various service providers with their addresses,, their accreditations, reviews and customer ratings and test charges and home visiting charges at one go. The total of the charges at different labs will also be visible at te bttom of the chart. a click on the name of the vendor will display more details about the vendor. [please note that if a partiucular test is not visible in the search list just implies that it is not available in the specified area or limits set by the radius, so increase the radius and search again]

step 3] select the service provider of your choice and proceed to the checkout page, here you can schedule the date of home visit and the preferred time of doint the test either at home of the diagnostic centre and then select a mode of payment from the options available.

step 4 ] once payment is completed you will receive a call from the service provider to confirm the appointment , an email to confirm your appointment  and receipt of your payment done. you are requested to show the email receipt to the service provider at the time of appointment to avail of the service.

step 5 ] Once the tests are performed the service provider will arrange to deliver the reports to you either by email or courier or fax or hand delivery. or the same may be collected by you from their office as agreed upon.

step6 ] We would appreciate a feedback from your end to help us serve you better in future 



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